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Rise of the Godslayer Factions

Rise of The Godslayer brings a new dimension to Age of Conan... Faction Warfare.
Which faction you pledge your allegiance to, depends on the rewards they lure you with.
The two hottest factions to join are Tamarin's Tigers for their Tiger pet/mount and Wolves of the Steppes for their Wolf pet/mount, but aligning with them will make you enemies with two other factions, so choose wisely.
To make your choice easier, I've made this page to give you a helping hand when you weigh one faction against another. Check out what kind of armor, weapons and accessories each faction can provide you with and make the choice which is right for you.

The opposing factions in Rise of the Godslayer are:
Brittle Blade vs Shadows of Jade
Children of Yag-kosha vs Yellow Priests of Yun
Hyrkanians vs Wolves of the Steppes
Last Legion vs Scarlet Circle
Scholars of Cheng-Ho vs Tamarin's Tigers

In addition to the ten factions, there are two hidden factions which you have to seek out on your own.
The rewards they may provide you with remains to be seen...

RotGS also brings upgrades to your combos and spells in form of consumable books. You can find the location and what upgrades each book provide on this page.

Armor sets explained

There are multiple ways to put together an armor set.

The last option is of course the best option since you will get a full epic set.

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