AoC>TV: Bebot Modules

Here's a collection of modules I've written or converted for Bebot.

AAMon module for Bebot

This module lets users keep track of their AA training in a central database.

v0.0.12 @ 2011-09-28 [ phps | zip ] [ discussion ]

AutoReconnect module for Bebot

This module will auto reconnect the bot at a given interval.

v0.0.1 @ 2011-02-09 [ phps | zip ] [ discussion ]

TeamSpeak3 module for Bebot

This module allows users to display server info and channel list with clients connected to a TS3 server.

v0.0.3 @ 2011-08-11 [ phps | zip ] [ discussion ]

UserAdmin module for Bebot

This module allows an admin to manage member data including buddy list.
NB! Since has been shut down, this module no longer works!

v0.0.5 @ 2011-02-07 [ phps | zip ] [ discussion ]


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