BelaUI is based on BeeUI and consists of a series of modifications to the original Age of Conan Graphical User Interface.
Some of the mods are linked to each other while others can be applied independently.
Below I'll present the various mods explaining what they do.

Bottom Bar

These bottom bars are based on BeeUI and adds more buttons to your disposal in a minimalistic fashion. The default one will give you access to the following buttons which you can bind to keys in your Controls: Action Button 1-13 including alt buttons, Left Action Button 1-6, 1st Extended Action Button 1-20, 2nd Extended Action Button 1-20 and 6 extra slots.
The widescreen one will give you: Action Button 1-13 including alt buttons, Left Action Button 1-6, 1st Extended Action Button 1-19, 2nd Extended Action Button 1-19.
The Zizzo version adds 1st Extended Action Button 1-7 to the default button layout.


Bottom Bar - Default


Bottom Bar - Triple

Triple Large:

Bottom Bar - Triple Large

Triple V2:

Bottom Bar - Triple V2


Bottom Bar - Quad


Bottom Bar - Widescreen


Bottom Bar - Zizzo

Large Minimap with Clean Buttons

Removed the decoration around the minimap and increased the size.
Removed the slider and moved the buttons and indicators to the right.
Removed the background shade from the clock to make it transparent.
Removed the top decoration bar.
Removed the buttons around the social buttons on the left and replaced the help button with a round one
Changed the number of buff icons displayed and always keep them big.


Upper HUD - Default


Upper HUD - BelaUI

Minimalistic Worldmap

Inspired by the map in FDSUI. This worldmap is borderless and positions all UI elements inside the map.


Worldmap - Default


Worldmap - Minimalistic

Big Inventory Bag

Tired of navigating back and forth in your bag. This mod shrinks the icon size and gives you 6x9 slots on one page instead of 4x6 slots.


Inventory - Default


Inventory - Big

Small Loot Window

Scaled down the loot window so that it takes up less space on screen.


Loot - Default


Loot - Small

Brighter Text Color

The standard grey text color is pretty hard to read, so this is just a simple update to brighten up the text.


Text Color - Default


Text Color - Bright

Blue Timer Bar

This mod replaces the brown timer bar with a cool blue color instead.


Timer Bar - Default

Normal Blue:

Timer Bar - Normal Blue

Big Blue:

Timer Bar - Big Blue

Combat Sequence Indicator

Changed the default layout of the CSI from vertical to horizontal and removed the borders on each side.
The highlight color has been changed to a cool blue instead of the default brown.
I've added 3 versions, 1 with the arrows, 1 with 123QE called "Alpha" and one with both 123QE and direction indicators called "Bravo".


CSI - Default


CSI - Arrows


CSI - Alpha


CSI - Bravo

Big Debuff Icons

Changed the limits before the icons turn small in these two files to keep the debuff icons big.
Show both friendly and hostile buffs for your target.

Custom Group/Raid Window

Customized group/raid window which is more compact, based on Stonerune UI (big thanks to Nwardezir who let me use his stuff).


Group/Raid Window - Default Detailed
Group/Raid Window - Default Normal
Group/Raid Window - Default Minimal


Group/Raid Window - Custom Detailed
Group/Raid Window - Custom Normal
Group/Raid Window - Custom Minimal



14.12.2011 v3.1.0.147666 [ sfx | zip ]


Simply download the zip-file to your computer and extract it into the "Age of Conan\Data\GUI\Customized" folder. Copy BelaUI.txt to "Age of Conan\scripts" folder. That's about it.
Start the game and see how you like it, or type "/reloadui" if you already were ingame when you extracted the file.
I recommend installing Age of Conan QS.NET to keep your xml-files automatically up-to-date.

If you don't like my default settings for the UI, you can tweak which mods you want to use or switch between various styles, by simply running the config script "BelaUI-Config.bat".
(Only tested on Windows 7 x64, but should work as long as your system has choice.exe.)

A good tip is to have this webpage up in the background when running the setup-script so that you see what the various options are.

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Thanks in advance!! Kentarii

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