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 Post subject: Khitai Dungeon Blues (Discussion)
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:49 am 

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This is more of a suggestion and seeing as this is the premier site for Khitai Gear 'even when YG was around this site was still no1 for Khitai' I thought I'd suggest it here and see what would be the easiest way to implement it.

Basically I would like if there was some loot table of all the dungeon blues that drop (as these are easy to loot on a parked toon eg a new 80 while you are 6 manning on your main for AA/gear).

Also I realise that the Dungeon Blues are tiered, meaning KK dungeon blues are more powerful than Grasslands dungeon blues so some consideration of tier needs to be considered, much the same as for faction gear has t1 to t4(epic) from the faction NPC.

Now as for the best way to implement this, would it be possible to use some combination of Bebot and Chat Logging to populate the loot database, meaning less human effort.

I'll give a senarion:

In chat window if 'item loot' is tuned on it will show something like

[a small bag contained]
[epic something]
[blue something]
[blue something]
[blue something]

If there was a way to cut and paste this info into Bebot as well as a simple way of confirming which Dungeon it dropped in then this could be a simple way for 'the community in general' to start/help populate this loot table.

If there was a way to then do a quick check to Bebot to see if it already recongnised the loot then this would mean anything missing from Bebot's overall !items database could be added.

This could then be done in two ways, firstly and most easily by having someone link the item to a bot (correct me if I'm wrong but I beleive this is how it builds this database in the first place).

Alternatively missing !items can have their item ID recorded by going through the chat log (if chat loggin is turned on) and then however the best way to get this ID into Bebot would be done.

Hopefully this is enough info to give you the gist of what I think would be a good way to know where and what to farm for a decent set of blues for an alt, so that by the time you come to try and purple it, it's gear is ok to begin with.

As for error checking, this may be a little advanced, but if it could record the amount of times people have recorded the same info, then it would show trends and make it easier to spot an item that was linked for the wrong boss/dungeon. But this is more info an AoC>TV armory admin would need to confirm the truth of the loot table.

In addition to this, it would be nice to have an advanced ingame script that would have links to the gear and drop location and be broken into sub scripts such as:

[Main Groups]
Class (eg cloth Demo/Necro)

[Sub Groups]
Survivability (sub to this: health, armour, protection)

As well as scripts for faction sets broken up into armour levels (cloth, light, medium etc)

I realise this is probably not high on the list of peoples needs as this gear will eventually be replaced with 'proper' gear, but it would still be nice to have a database of all this gear.

Even for social/vanity consideration because a lot of it looks very different to the equivelent 'epic' replacement.

@Kentarii: you seem to have some awesome computer skills, hopefully this would be an easy thing for you to setup and then just have the community do the work of recording all the data. Maybe you could think of a better way but hopefully this sparks an Idea. I noticed you wanted some contributors for the armory, maybe using a simple method to record box results and record statistics against where people said they dropped would help? Statistics don't lie do they? lol

 Post subject: Re: Khitai Dungeon Blues (Discussion)
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:21 pm 
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I'm afraid there's no simple way to input stuff from the ingame chat system into systems running behind Bebot.
Since everything is chat-based, you have to issue commands to specific triggers which is made available by the different modules Bebot-owners decide to install.

Bebot by itself does not have an item database, the item database is provided by Getrix and is accessed through the item module.
The armory does not have any Bebot module and I have not written any API for adding/updating the armory.

There is also no way to automagically add the attributes for an item (now that YG is gone) and it's very error-prone to let users try to enter the location of an item through the chat interface.
The chat server also sometimes cuts long chatlines so that you can't link more than x number of items.

If there were a simpler way of adding items, I think I would have done it in the first place ;)

You still have the option to become a contributor though...

Ps. please remember that I don't play this game anymore, so the contents on this site is currently maintained by volunteers who still play the game. I "just" provide the website as is with the functionality which was developed when I was still playing.


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