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Author:  Kentarii [ Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  AoC>TV

This is a re-post from the EU-forums in case anyone from outside to EU wants to respond.

- K

Don't really think the AoC>TV website needs much introduction, but for those who don't know about it, here goes...

It all started back in September 2008 when my guild started roaming the Onyx chambers.
There wasn't any decent maps around, so I ended up making my own.
The first draft left much to be discovered, but after countless hours it turned into what you know as the map of The Onyx Chambers.

The next big project started in December 2008.
Like most people, the default GUI provided by Funcom didn't provide enough slots for keybindings, so I started using BeeUI.
BeeUI was nice, but the creator stopped playing the game and I wanted my own customizations as well, thus BelaUI was born.
Took some time to put everything together and the first public version was released February 2009.
As the years went by, more mods have been added all the while keeping it neat and clean.

Two days after the launch of Rise of the Godslayer on May 11th 2010, I started on what you know today as the Armory (original called Faction Armory).
But when it first came out, the idea behind it was to map what faction/dungeon armor sets you could get a hold of for your class and the location where they could drop.
Later I would add raid and pvp armor sets as well.
An important milestone for the armory was when I added the Armor Builder functionality on September 22nd 2010, which made it possible to easily compare stats for the various armor pieces and sets and construct your own "perfect" set.
These days, since I don't play anymore, the Armory is being maintained by volunteers, so if you want to contribute, head on over to the AoC>TV Forums.

The last service I added to the AoC>TV site is probably the thing I use the most these days.
The idea behind this came originally from two other projects; EVEMon and TimerAA.
At a given time and date, I get a reminder, either by the windows desktop client or an e-mail, which tells me that I need to logon (even though I don't play actively anymore) because a character has finished training an AA skill.
Yep, you probably guessed that the service I'm talking about is AAMon.

So that pretty much sums up my contributions to this game over the years and now I guess it's time to close the book on this chapter of my life.
It's been a fun ride with its ups and downs, but I've had 3.5 good years in AoC with my guild mates and guild "enemies" (this game wouldn't have been fun without enemies :kiss: ).
I wanna say thanks to Sangue and Xingcai who have done a good job updating the armory lately, and I would also thank all the people who have donated money.
Even though I don't play this game anymore (sub cancelled now), I will probably keep the AoC>TV website up and running for a long long time (and AD-free as well).

Last but not least, I would thank all the members of Ragnarok (past, present and future), you guys rule!

Perhaps we'll meet again in GW2 or some other game.
Until then, take care everyone!

- K

Ps. if you need to contact me, just send me a PM on the AoC>TV Forums.

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